Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Rebecca Minkoff "Morning After" Style Contest!

Rebecca Minkoff has taken social media to a whole new playing field. Her "Morning After" campaign series (partnered with , which took place solely via linked social media platforms, and with the help of avid bloggers and readers who love the brand, has proven that brilliant marketing efforts do not have to begin and end merely internally within the company. What started as a 2-day Hamptons-retreat led to a fall collection preview, a walk-off, and later, an online voting contest on Facebook, where 14 influential bloggers went head to head to see whose "morning after" style takes the hearts of online voter and fellow "minkettes" everywhere. It was a string of combined new media efforts and viral online communication that led one blogger to gain blog-star status, but at the same time, opened a new outlet for a fashion brand to become an outstanding lifestyle name overnight...or a better word, the morning after.

Now, if you've been keeping up with our tweets and retweets regarding this entire contest, you should know exactly who we were rooting for--SartorialGirl--whom you may or may not know, is the original founder of The FIDM Life. So our very own won!! After her work with building our series, she has quietly been building her own social media profile and network and has already made it known just how far her voice can go. This is one triumph that speaks volume about the influence of online social media and the key impact that such industry outsider now has. But this story does not stop here. Read and follow the rest of this interview and see where our very own SartorialGirl is headed next!!