Monday, October 4, 2010

I think I failed my first exam at FIT...

I couldn't concentrate! I was so tired. I got through the multiple choice questions and towards the end where we had to write "short answer" essays, my eye-lids couldn't stay up. My brain seriously stopped working. I decided to put my head down for just a second... and guess what happened next. I fell asleep. Well, not completely... but you know when your eyes are closed, your mind is drifting away slowly and you feel like you're completely somewhere else? Well, I was already dreaming... dreaming I was up and out, anywhere but in that chair! I woke up after a student next to me got up to turn her test in. After looking around, I realize I only dozed off for about 10 minutes. By then, I was feeling what felt like the worst hangover in the world. I didn't want to stay to finish the test. I figured I would get them all wrong even if I tried. So I tiredly BS my way through the short answers, turned in my exam, and packed my things to go home. As I walked out of the building, I woke myself up a little more, regained my thoughts... and realized what I had just done. There I was walking out of my first big exam at FIT.... and now fully awake, all I could think was: F.M.L.

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