Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Marjaneh is back... well almost

Hi Friends!!
It's Marjaneh.. I know it's been a while, right?? I've been M.I.A. for good reasons. Besides spending countless hours applying to the endless (or they say) jobs in NYC from my desk in LA, I've also been fighting to become Sunglass Hut's Next Fabulous Fashion Blogger.

I've been working hard to get to the top for 3 weeks and I need your help!

If you want to see a fellow FIDM Alum go far and accomplish her dreams, then please take the two seconds (no joke) to vote for me!

It's not too late!! Voting ends TONIGHT (Nov. 17th) at 11:59 PM EST and every vote counts. Make your parents, friends and classmates vote. Re-post this on your Twitter and Facebook pages and even use that email you created to stalk your ex ;) haha jk.

It's real simple. Here's what you have to do.

Go to:
To the RIGHT of my video there will be a VOTING SECTION (refer to image below)

-Enter First Name Only
-Enter Email Address
-Confirm Email Address
Once you do that you will receive an email verification from (either in your spam box or inbox, depending on your settings).

There will be a link in the email that reads... "Yes! Give them my vote!" all you have to do is click on that link and your vote will be submitted.

You also receive an instant coupon for $20 off an online or in store purchase at Sunglass Hut. So go out and buy those cute pair of shades you've been eying all year... who says the holidays can't come sooner than they're supposed to?

It's one vote per email and the more votes I get the better my chances will be.

I greatly appreciate all your support =)
Thank you,

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