Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Waiting for Superman...?

In response to "Waiting for Superman"

When I was a student at FIDM, I had my worries and angst too. I am now a graduate, living in New York City. Alas, those worries still linger as I am only a recent grad, working my way up. I understand completely everything that the above blog post addresses--and I believe that this is something that should be voiced out, however, one thing that I'd like to add is that it's not JUST us. Singling out FIDM as a school where its grads "aren't getting jobs" or instructors "aren't fully qualified" may hold truth to only a limited extent. I have voiced out these same concerns to my friends, friend from other schools... Cal State's, UC's, private 4-year schools, and Ivy-League schools.... I have friends who have graduated from prominent Universities stressing to me that it's not just me or any FIDM grads... "We're not getting jobs either" and "it's not JUST the apparel industry"... the jobless crisis has hit ALL.
Of course we can't expect to get the DREAM JOB right after graduation, but what we're up against during this interesting economic time is an even bigger issue. Some blame may rightly begin at the schools (e.g. "waiting for superman") but our current, depressing economic state as a country has colossally effected the job market--especially the design and luxury business. And I am not trying to justify anything either, I am only bringing to light another factor as to why our Alums may still be juggling with unemployment concerns. Again, I am NOT choosing sides. I appreciate the perspectives that other students share via thefidmlife blog so I encourage you all to keep sending them. This is YOUR chance to be heard.

- thefidmlife founder

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