Sunday, July 8, 2012

living on a budget: the jumpsuit story.

You go on a last minute trip to party with your girlfriends. What you packed to go out in that night, you now hate. Now what??? 

You run to your nearest Zara and find a gorgeous jumpsuit that reveals your good parts and yet still hides your flaws. Amazing. It's $90. That's really pushing it with the budget. But you buy it anyways....... 

Fast forward to the next morning and you realize you spent way more money than you should have/wanted to last night.  Your mind starts spinning--how do I get some of this money back?? Girl's gotta eat tomorrow!  The jumpsuit. It has to go back. But you really grew to love that jumpsuit while you were out last night.  It could really be a staple in your closet.  Cover the revealing parts with a blazer for fall and it's a perfect all year piece.  But it was $90.  And you know Zara only takes 1 business day to return the funds. After a little devil's advocate, you return it. Ugh. Goodbye jumpsuit.

Fast forward a week later. Zara is having their big semi annual sale, you decide to just browse and there is your jumpsuit. And it's on sale for $49!! SOLD. Welcome back into my life.

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