Thursday, July 22, 2010

NY it is!

After my first entry, I had a revelation. I AM going to NYC and I am going to follow my dreams! Being 24 and done with school, no kids, not married, nothing but a degree. I have no chain holding me down!

Step numero uno is complete. Now about the job part... hmm? I'm not going to lie to you. I think all of New York has been flooded by my resumes and clever cover letters. I have researched each and every job so that I could relate myself to them in my personal statements. I pretty much think that 1- New York probably has a hit out for me because they're tired of seeing my continuous emails/faxes OR 2- I can create my OWN company with every detail I've learned from each business/company I've applied to. Haha jk! No no no, I'm not quite there yet with the "Being My Own Boss" venture.

Recently, I've applied to People's Revolution in NYC. No I don't think Kelly Cutrone is a B*tch nor do I think she is evil. I think, scratch that, KNOW she is a business woman. Her business is her baby and for people to expect her to be "nice", to sometimes incompetent workers is TOO much to ask for. She is, after all, paying her employees bills, so to say. So YES, she has a right to yell and YES she has a right to fire. If you can't make the cut, then sayonara dolls!

I feel that I am CUT out to work for her. I need and want that brutally honest, down right "mean" behavior from a boss. In this industry, you can't play nice and get results. I want to enroll in the Kelly Cutrone Boot Camp and I believe that I have all the qualities that she is looking for.

I like criticism, I like brashness. Call me weird or call me a future Entrepreneur. But I KNOW that you won't be successful in a industry or even a city, for that matter, without understanding that Nice guys DO finish last. I'm not saying go out and make enemies and I'm definitely not implying backstabbing friends or coworkers to get to the top. I'm just stating that you can't allow harsh words to get in the way. Take every word as a lesson from a teacher.

Have you ever had a "hard" or "mean" instructor, and hated every minute you had to endure their lesson plans? Well think back to now. Have you become stronger? do you have a thicker skin? do you REMEMBER what was taught? Most of you probably said NO, and for those that did, your stubborn and haven't opened your eyes. For those who said YES, bravo!

I have sat in front of my computer for the last few weeks trying to contact Kelly. I have sent emails to her generic email address and have even tried playing as a Private Investigator and tampering with the generic email address and sticking KellyCutrone@peoplesrevolution or KCutrone@peoplesrevolution and so on, but alas I keep getting an email from my Best Friend, Delivery Message Failed. Yeah he and I go WAY back haha.

So FIDM Alum, join me on my new adventure "Get Hired by Kelly Cutrone!" Until next time.




  1. such an inspiring post! just from reading your words, you defin sound like you could be part of kelly's kick ass team!! good luck!! -geraldine