Friday, July 30, 2010


Is there such a thing? Or is that the "nice" way of saying, "Sorry babe, we just don't LIKE you!"? I have sent out thousands (no joke) of my resumes, but I'm not giving up! I know that I will be successful, I know that I have what it takes. I know that my dreams of being a Fashion Journalist won't end and I will not, and I repeat WILL NOT settle. I may only have a degree from FIDM and I have been donned "The Forever Intern" but I will break that curse and I will become someone.. I will prove that I'm meant to be the next Anna Wintour, Joe Zee, Kelly Cutrone... ME!

I've received more "Overqualified" emails than "Let's talk"... okay I lied... I haven't had one "Let's talk"/"When's the best time to set up an interview" email... ZERO!... I've sent continuous follow up emails, probably about the same amount of Resumes I've sent.

Just recently I received one of these...

Dear Marjaneh,
Thank you for your interest in the position of ____________ in Soho, New York, NY.
We have carefully reviewed your skills and qualifications. Unfortunately, we do not have an appropriate job opportunity for you.
We thank you again for your interest in exploring employment opportunities with us, and wish you much success in your future endeavors.
Human Resources

Okay, thanks for being honest sir. Here is a better one...

Dear Marjaneh,
Thank you for your interest in ________ Group, Inc. and applying for the following position:
We have reviewed your qualifications and background and were impressed with your accomplishments. However, we regret that to inform you that we are pursuing other candidates who more closely fit our needs.
Thank you for considering ___________ Group, Inc. You have our best wishes for success.
Human Resources
or how about this cute one...
Dear Marjaneh:

Thank you for expressing an interest in the________ position. While it is never an easy
decision, we have decided to consider other candidates whose qualifications more closely
matched the needs of this position.


__________ Team

Thanks for being "impressed" enough to say no... Really? How much work experience does one person need to make the cut? Isn't working endless hours as a FREE intern enough experience? Even if you've stayed a loyal intern 30+ hours a week for 2-3 years enough "experience". Try juggling that plus a paid part time job and being a full time student who lives 3 hours away! Yeah! If I can manage that... I can conquer the world SIRS!

Okay... now I'm sounding bitter huh? No, that's not what I'm trying to show you all. Be positive Marjaneh... Be positive! God has a better plan for you... YOU have a better plan for you...

Until next time,



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  1. At least they give you a response...
    Keep at it and good luck!